Cooling Rolls

Our company manufacturers warmth transfer rolls that fulfill temperature control by circling cool fluent over coils under the outer shell of the roll. The flowing essentially cools the rolls to the aspire to temperature for the application. There are particular designed and structures of the spirals within the rolls that can be hard to utilizing the performance of the chill rolls.

Cooling roll cools tCooling Rollshe contact that communications web material or rubber rolls. Cooling roll having shaft inside hole to fix rotary joints as end shaft is having inside hole is of massive diameter to avoid ruination.


  • Scratch battle
  • Excessively reliable
  • Bargain costs

About rubberrollermanufacturer

Advance Rubber Industries - Owing to such features range of rubber rollers, printing rubber rollers, industrial rubber rollers, grooved rubber rollers and ebonite rollers are extensively used across diverse range of industries such as textile, paper, plastic, packaging, film, foil, fiber & yarn, cement, leather, polyester, printing, pharmaceutical and chemical in and outside India.
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