Hardchrome Plated Roller

Advance Rubber Industries offers an extensive range of Plasma Coated Rollers. Our coated Rollers are known for its effective functioning among our treasured clients. They are made of optimal quality of rubber. These rolls are used in many web manufacturing industries. It is known for its features like Crack resistant, durability, Corrosion resistant and Longevity.

We specialize in manufacturing Anilox Roller which is the fundamental component of a coating system. It is the roller which transfers the coating from the Anilox to the rubber roller. It is used in screen count, angle of engraving, depth and volume.


About rubberrollermanufacturer

Advance Rubber Industries - Owing to such features range of rubber rollers, printing rubber rollers, industrial rubber rollers, grooved rubber rollers and ebonite rollers are extensively used across diverse range of industries such as textile, paper, plastic, packaging, film, foil, fiber & yarn, cement, leather, polyester, printing, pharmaceutical and chemical in and outside India.
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